Mattea Schmitz
Entrepreneur +
Recovery Leader

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As a person in long-term recovery, I'm passionate about bringing the life-changing hope of recovery to others. I'm a living example of the transformation that can happen in recovery and am fortunate to bring the message to others in my work as the CEO of a regional treatment center in Southeast Minnesota.

As an entrepreneur, local recovery leader and a proud member of the recovery community, I'm here to share my experience, strength and hope with others, through my own personal stories, and professional knowledge from my 10+ years working in the field.



After getting sober, I started working for the same treatment center that helped me years before. Through hard work and a commitment to personal and professional growth, I became the company's Director of Operations. A few years later, I bought Common Ground and have been working as the CEO since 2015. 

For the past 3 years under my leadership, Common Ground has grown from one outpatient treatment facility in Rochester, Minnesota to three outpatient facilities across Southeast Minnesota, in Rochester, Red Wing and Winona. We've launched a residential program for men in Winona, and have secured contracts with Olmsted and Winona County, leading the treatment programs offered to individuals in the criminal justice system. 

I look forward to working with my team for continued growth, while offering consulting opportunities to other treatment leaders looking to do the same. 



Don’t settle. You might think people are looking at you differently because of your past, and maybe they are looking at you in a different way. But there will be people who understand your situation, and the right doors will open. Don’t think that because you have a felony or a past that you can’t make a difference in your life or in other people’s lives. You have too much potential to settle.
— Mattea Schmitz, more than an addict interview, 2016